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What Is Brute Force Attack?

A Brute Force Attack Is A Trial-And-Error Method Used To Obtain Information Such As A User Password For Your MSSQL Server By Free of Cost Available Scripts


How To Diagnose If There Is Brute Force Attack On Your MS SQL?

SQL Server Logs Of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Will Show Following Errors And If You Do Not See Them You Are Lucky But Not Safe From Hackers:

"Date **/**/**** **:** AM
Log SQL Server (Current - **/**/**** **:** AM)
Source Logon
Message Login failed for user 'sa'. Reason: Password did not match that for the login provided. [CLIENT: **.***.***.**]"


What Is Risk Brute Force Attack?

A Successful Brute Force Attack Will Lead To Hacking Of Your Website / Data / Server Whom You Loved More Than Your Life. There Is No Way To Reverse It.


How To Prevent Hacking? Any Anti Hacking Software For MSSQL? How To Prevent Brute Force Attack 100% Efficiently? Someone Hacked My Server In Past, It Was Worst Experience Of Life, How Can I Ban Hacker IP This Time?

Happysql: Only Available Software in World To Block Brute Force Attack And Hackers 24 x 7 x 365.


What Is Happysql?

We Are The Only Software Block Hackers IP With In A Minute Of Beginning Of Any Brute Force Attack And Block IP Who Tried To Hacking Of Your Website / Data / Server.



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Time Saving

Software to create IP security Policy automatically and Block IP attack over SQL server for 24 x 7. Safety from SQL Hackers and Your answer to Hacking Attempts.

Security Solutions

The program is designed to loop through the event log and locate IPs that attempt to hack your SQL database. It gives guaranteed water tight security for blocked IP.

No Pain No Vain

Once the IP is put on the list, you should not be seeing any additional attacks from that IP since the IPSec policy handles connections at the lowest level.

Build Trust

We actively supporting Microsoft SQL servers (32 & 64 bits). We are keeping our clients list confidential. We give money back guarantee if your server fails to install this software.

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